Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be comprised only of members of the Board of Directors and shall perform the following functions: oversight of all personnel policy issues, including compensation packages, job descriptions, disciplinary matters and the like; supervision and annual performance review of the Program Director. The Executive Committee shall also prepare priorities for board composition, a slate of officers for the Board’s approval, direct recruitment of prospective board members, present a final list of board candidates to the Board for approval and conduct orientation sessions for new board members

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall be comprised of board and community members with fiscal expertise and shall oversee the financial policy of St. Anthony Park Area Seniors.  The chairperson of this committee shall be the treasurer of the program.  The Finance Committee oversees and advises the treasurer’s responsibilities including the annual budget, investments, the government tax return, financial priorities and reports.

Fundraising-Grant Committee

The Fundraising-Grant Committee shall be comprised of board members and community members with fiscal or grant expertise. The Fundraising-Grant Committee’s job is not simply to raise money.  Instead, the Fundraising Committee is responsible for overseeing the organization’s overall fundraising and, in particular, the fundraising done by the board.  The committee may directly solicit funds from appropriate sources as well as oversee staff fundraising operations. It shall perform the following functions:  identify available grants in line with the program’s mission and goals, decide whether to apply for said grants, write the grant applications and submit them in a timely manner, evaluate progress in meeting grant goals, and ensure the submission of required reports by the expected dates. It shall take the lead in certain types of outreach efforts, such as chairing an event or hosting fundraising parties.

Program Development Committee

The Program Development Committee may be comprised of board and community members with planning expertise. This committee shall review and evaluate the program’s effectiveness in fulfilling its mission and goals. This committee shall perform the following functions: develop goals, prioritize and develop timelines; allocate financial and human resources to insure successful completion of the plan; communicate the plan to the board and all involved; and evaluate the progress of the plan periodically.