Carol Mulroy

Carol appreciates how her life grows through volunteering.  She thoroughly enjoys all of the warmth and stories that she and the seniors share with each other.  Carol says after she retired she felt that her life was “as big as it could get”, but now she knows differently.  By sharing stories and experiences with seniors, her life just keeps expanding.

Carol sees so many benefits to volunteering.  Volunteers are able to meet with others, help them, and learn how to get along with all kinds of people.  Volunteers help seniors to continue to live independently.  “Who could live to be 99 on their own without some help?” Carol said. 

Sometimes volunteers help clients as well as other volunteers.  Here is what happened one day.   Carol was helping a senior to get her legs cleaned up so that she could put her stockings on.  Carol noticed that the senior’s legs were kind of swollen and scaly.  Before Carol had the chance to pull up the senior’s stockings, the Meals on Wheels driver came to the door to deliver the senior’s lunch.  The driver just happened to also be a nurse.  She said, “She has cellulitis and needs to go to the hospital.”  Off they went.  Carol was so thankful for the volunteer Meals on Wheels driver that day who came and “saved the day”.