Do you need clothing or other textile repairs?

A self-taught volunteer (with years of experience) is available to repair clothing or other textile articles.

Examples of services offered

  • Taking up hems on clothing
  • Sewing on buttons, snaps, Velcro
  • Replace zippers
  • Patch a favorite piece of clothing
  • Repair a hole/snap in a sweater or other knit item

Service details

  1. Volunteer will come to senior's home to pick up the clothing and discuss needed repairs.
  2. The only charge is the cost of replacement materials and supplies (zipper, thread, patches), which will be discussed at time of pick up.  There is no charge for the volunteer's time.
  3. Volunteer will purchase all necessary supplies and return receipt to senior at time textile is returned.
  4. Service is available to seniors, 60 and older, who live in the St. Anthony Park Area Seniors service area
  5. All Items need to be washed or dry cleaned prior to repair.

St. Anthony Park Area Seniors and the assigned volunteers assume no responsibility for replacement of clothing or textiles damaged during the repair process nor for the cost of subsequent repairs.

To have the volunteer contact you about a possible clothing or textile repair, either complete the form below or call the St. Anthony Park Area Seniors office at 651-642-9052.

Clothing and Textile Repair form

Fill out the form below, and we will pass your information on to the volunteer.   Be sure to wash or dry clean items before giving them to the volunteer.

Give a short description of each individual item and repair needed. (For example: one pair of slacks needing to be shortened and hemmed).