St. Anthony Park Area Seniors Donor Privacy And Security Policy

 Adopted May 10, 2010

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St. Anthony Park Area Seniors (“the Program”) is committed to respecting the privacy of its donors and to securing information in its possession relating to donors.  The Program has developed this policy to assure its donors that donor information will not be shared with any third party and that the Program will provide a secure environment for donors’ information.

The Program collects and maintains the following types of donor information, voluntarily provided though donor information forms, electronic payments, and personal checks:

  • Contact information:  name, organization, address, phone number, e-mail address
  • Payment information for donation verification and acknowledgment only
  • Requests not to receive solicitations from the Program



The Program uses information provided by donors to complete the donation transaction, acknowledge the donation, communicate with donors, and provide information on the Program.  The information provided by donors will be used only for the internal purposes of the Program and the Program will not sell, rent, lease, or otherwise release this information to any other entity. 



The Program will maintain internal controls to safeguard donors’ information.  This includes storing donors’ information on paper in secure locations, and securing donors’ electronic information on the Program’s computer.


Changing Incorrect Information

Donors should contact SAPAS to change incorrect information. Our address is 2200 Hillside Ave., St. Paul, MN  55108, our Program Director’s email address is, and our office phone number is 651-642-9052.


May 10, 2010, unanimously adopted by the St. Anthony Park Block Nurse Program Board of Directors

July 1, 2011, SAPBNP program name changed to St. Anthony Park Area Seniors

March 14, 2016, unanimously approved with no changes at St. Anthony Park Area Seniors meeting of Board of Directors

October 31, 2016, unanimously revised to reflect actual procedures to protect donor privacy at the St. Anthony Park Area Seniors Executive Committee

March 11, 2019, unanimously approved changes adding “electronic payments” to paragraph 2 and to add “acknowledge the donation” and relocate the “only” in the Privacy paragraph

October 28, 2019, SAPAS Executive Committee unanimously approved changes to add appropriate language to the policy so that donors would know how to contact SAPAS in order to change incorrect information

March 14, 2022, Reviewed, Approved changes in wording in the first paragraph; minor changes in the Privacy and Security paragraphs, and added the SAPAS email address.