Here's some answers to common questions about SAPA Seniors. 

Is St. Anthony Park Area Seniors an agency?


That term is usually reserved for “a business or service authorized to act for others“ (like a government or employment or nursing agency). SAPAS is a non-profit, volunteer-based program.

Whom does the program serve?

It serves seniors who are 60+ who live in the St. Anthony Park neighborhood of St. Paul, Lauderdale and Falcon Heights west of Cleveland Avenue. In addition, it serves caregivers of seniors who live in those areas as well as caregivers who have seniors living in our service area: for example, the daughter lives in Madison, WI, but her senior parents live in our service area.

What is its mission?

The program staff and volunteers provide support for seniors living independently as long as they are safe.

What kinds of services does your program offer?

The program staff and volunteers assist our participants in finding community resources and coordinate volunteers to provide direct service such as rides to medical appointments, chore help, and caregiver support. They also provide weekday exercise classes, social outings, and movies.

Who can come to these social events and exercise classes?

ANYONE can attend regardless of age or address.

Do you charge for these events?

There is NO CHARGE for our weekday exercise classes or our senior cinema series; however, if we go on an outing to another destination where there is an entrance fee or food can be purchased, the participants pay their own way.

If there is no charge for most of your services, how does the program support itself?

The program has been funded by individual donations (25%), government grants (45%), private foundations, and businesses (30%). Fundraising events, such as Sippin’ Suds for SAPAS, are a new source of income.

How old is your program?

The program, founded in 1981 by five neighborhood residents, was originally called the St. Anthony Park Block Nurse Program and served the nursing needs of seniors in the area. It very quickly grew to meet the non-nursing needs of seniors and then further expanded to serve the caregivers of those seniors. In 2011, the program’s name was changed to St. Anthony Park Area Seniors.

Are there other programs like this anywhere else?

St. Anthony Park Area Seniors was the first program of this type. Now there are 35 programs of this type in Minnesota, including 12 in the metro area.  They are all part of the Living at Home Network.

Does your program still provide nursing services for seniors?

Yes, in partnership with Recover Health, a Medicare-certified home health agency. Recover Health provides skilled nursing, therapies and personal care services.

Where can I go if I want to learn more about the program or if I know someone who needs help?

Visit our website at or call the office at 651-642-9052 or find us on Facebook at