Agreement to Borrow iPad from SAPAS


I understand that Saint Anthony Park Area Seniors (SAPAS ) maintains iPads that seniors may borrow to participate in virtual doctor visits, Zoom exercise classes, caregiver support groups, or other SAPAS-related activities and events.  


I agree that:


         at the time I ask to check out the iPad, I will let SAPAS know my primary reason for wanting to use it.


         SAPAS and I will agree on dates for check-out and return.


         while the iPad is in my possession, I may use it to explore the internet but I may not use it for illegal purposes or to access illegal sites.


         I will not alter the iPad hardware or software, install software on it, or copy software to or from the iPad.


         I will repair or replace the iPad if it is lost, stolen, or  damaged while it is checked out to me.



Borrower: ___________________________________

Phone:     ___________________________________

Address:  ___________________________________


Date:        ___________________________________