We serve adults 60+ who reside within our boundaries or who come into our boundaries for events and activities.  We also serve caregivers of adults 60+ if the caregiver or the adult 60+ lives within our boundaries.

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Service Coordination

Connecting seniors with volunteers, staff or other paid resources as appropriate

Volunteer Services

St. Anthony Park Area Seniors is grateful to have volunteers to provide these services.  We estimate that it would cost at least $20/hour to have paid staff to provide these services to seniors.

Health Promotion

In-Home Nursing and Home Health Aide Services

We can coordinate skilled nursing and home health aide care through our home care partner Recover Health (www.recoverhealth).

Handyman Services

SAPAS independent contractor handyman will perform minor handyman services such as light switches, leaky faucets, fixing toilets, grab bars, handrails, screens, window locks, door knobs, window glass replacement, shower rods, closet doors and bars, window blind installation, holes in the wall, re-caulk tubs etc. to keep you safe in your own home.

  • Convenient appointments for you
  • If requested, contractor will make the trip to the store to purchase supplies as needed.
  • Hourly charge with a one-hour minimum, billed in 30-minute increments after the first hour
  • Handyman visits are usually two hours or less.
  • Call SAPAS office @ 651-642-9052 to get more information and be in touch with a handyman today!


Foot/Nail Care

In the senior's home by nurses working as independent contractors for SAPAS

To pay for SAPAS nail care, pay with PayPal here: