This 24-session course helps older adults improve their balance and reduce the likelihood of falling.  Participants learn balance skills, good body alignment, and coordinated Tai Ji movements.  This course is taught by a trained leader and is currently offered online.

This course is offered at no charge and is available to everyone regardless of age or residency.   Donations are requested, but not required.

iPads are available to borrow through the St. Anthony Park Area Seniors office.

Funded under an Award with Trellis as part of the Older Americans Act.

Use contact form below or call the St. Anthony Park Area Seniors office at 651-642-9052 to inquire about registration.  Class size is limited.

"This class helped to establish mechanisms to check and correct balance.  Neuropathy significantly affected how I used to walk.  The class significantly improved my walking ability.  Previously I had to reach out and touch objects in order to walk.  After completing the class I have significantly improved and no longer need to reach out for balance."

Shirley R.

Tai JI Quan

Tai Ji Quan Classes

May 2024

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